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When are these underage tourists going to finally leave

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Nothing because I still have to work and ever since other, similar businesses in my area started limiting their hours I have been absolutely swamped by customers, too tired to do anything but shitpost and probably already infected with the virus. I was playing Requiem before the entire world went to hell, and if I survive long enough for my workplace to similarly get shut down (which may happen or we may get deemed "essential" considering every greedy CEO is trying to call their place essential even if they're fucking Gamestop) I'll probably finish that.

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I regret asking. Thank you for the explanation though.

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>the guy has gone through an eternity of fighting demons so at that point it's just business as usual for him.

I get that, it's just that they stripped away that human element.
You are really making me want a grizzled "been at this shit too long" doomguy covered in scars from years of fighting demons in hell, chainsmoking cigars, permanent bags under his eyes, starting to age slightly, always, always carrying his shotgun with him, always sitting in the corner by himself never speaking a word...
But despite all that, "he's the best" someone will say when they walk into the room and explain it to the newbie lieutenant. He's gone to the world in most regards, probably spends most of that time sitting by himself inside empty bases or hellscapes, his only companions the corpses he's left behind.
But regardless of all that, when he gets into combat, he's an impossible whirlwind of violence nobody can match, all from raw instincts at this point. He'll kill a cacodemon with a desert fork if he has to, just give him a weapon and he'll kill anything that comes through that portal. He doesn't even need to be taught how to use it, he'll find a way.

Man, now I want to read berserk again.

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Gonna kill myself after I finish E1M8

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>like the first two Innocent Crew wads
>play Obituary
>level design is better than the first two
>gameplay experience is completely ruined because of the custom rocket launcher enemy
Seriously why
The map designer treats these things like they're chaingunners, where you can put one behind a player to surprise them
You can't fucking do that with these guys though, a chaingunner surprise might take off 10-20% of your health if you're quick and these fucking things can kill you at 100% health
It's literally a cyberdemon rocket they're firing at you

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>sometimes see old 4chan OC get edited to add wojak/Pepe faces over the characters
We need to quarantine /v/.

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can we just lock the thread and start another one?

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I think Going Down is just not for me.
I'm willing to bet they get really interesting and creative, but the difficulty spikes/style of the second through fifth/sixth map is just ridiculous and not fun.

How am I supposed to even play around the giant spawn wave in Blood & Rockets? How am I supposed to kill high damage enemies spawning in three different angles away from where I'm meant to be looking?

I'm sure it's great but I'm going to have to grab some crazy overpowered gameplay mod to enjoy it.

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DOOM2, MAP15. How the fuck are you expected to handle all these hitscan enemies on high buildings without freelook? I play with freelook so I can manage the outdoor areas but I'm just trying to conceptualize a strategy for people who would play the game in a more vanilla fashion and I don't get it at all. There are so many chaingunners just sniping you if you don't aim carefully and snipe them first I am going to hate Plutonia when I get to it aren't I and the shotgunners don't help matters much either. This map feels more bullshit than anything in E4 from DOOM1, and map design as a whole feels like it's gone downhill in DOOM2 after you enter your home city, though I'm not at the end of the game yet so maybe it picks up again later.
Am I just a casual for thinking these things?

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>When you turn the corner and a cyberdemon stomps you before you can react.

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>That webm
It's like grinding my eyes through a red-hot cheese grater. The sprays of bloody mist from Ketchup are pretty funny though.

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They go to hell

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Have this.

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