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>Bonk was the TG16's most publicized character
>Leave him out of two regions entirely
>No Bonk 2 at all even though it was better than 1
>no Legendary Axe in either version
>Rondo Japan only
>Alien Crush even though everyone agrees Devil's Crush is vastly superior

This is like if they released an NES mini where only the Japanese version had any Mario games and they left out Metroid and Contra. This is really, really obvious shit they're screwing up, what the fuck

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>character has a shield that regenerate
>health points doesn't
>when you get hit there's no way to recover that lost health and the gap is always there even if it overlaps with shield
This triggers my autism. Why not just have regenerative health?

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>Romero senpai will never make another Doom map

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>Mfw Dark Orbit, Betty Bad and that one HP racing game are gone forever because WT are cunts

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Why is Marathon's map design so fucking terrible

This game could have been so fucking good, but it's like they gave Sandy Petersen a lethal dose of methamphetamine and sat him down in front of an editor.

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