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If you have no faith in your ability, you will always think of yourself as a failure

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If you can't see what's coming, you're going too fast. If you fall down a pit in SMB when you're the one blindly running through a stage, blaming the game for that just because you have a dash button is fucking assbrained. It'd be a waste of time and lives to not learn the stage.
>memorization bad
Do you spend much mental energy riding a bike after learning how? It's not just about input memorization, it's about becoming familiar with the game. Like Contra. Just play the game.

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Because you personally enjoy the mechanics, specifically how they feel to play. That's the core of classic gaming.

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>I read over 9000 interviews and that means I'm now a Saturn hardware expert Getting flustered is not going to help your argumentation become logically cohesive. If I'm not mistaken, you asked
>I mean honestly, do you really think the Saturn could have pulled off Silent Hill? Or Alien Resurrection? Or Soul Reaver, or MGS, or Crash Bandicoot, or Lego Racers, or NFS3, or Spyro, or GT2, or Dino Crisis, or Soul Blade, or TR4?
Would it have been superior? Well, who's to say when we're speaking hypothetically? Is there any specific reason you believe it couldn't "pull it off"? Sure there would be quirks related to how the hardware interacts with the software, but as anon so aptly put it, >>7409492
>it's almost as if consoles were more unique in programming than they are now

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SoA was ignoring the jap-core audience and Sony capitalised on that, and import shops became more common as a result. The Saturn was at the end of its rope because SoA seemed opposed to localizing popular Japanese series, including first party titles like Sakura Taisen. Stolar gets the appropriate level of hatred for his inconsiderate direction of the company.

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>sonyggers not only literally killed the dreamcast prematurely, they don't even let Sega fans discuss it online

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Next time you load a state, you will remember how much of a spineless cheater you are.

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