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Good thread OP. One of my favourite RPG's on the Playstation. Seeing this just gave me the motivation to do a playthrough of Second Evolution that I've never played. Anything that changed drastically from this version compared to the original?

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I was born in 89 and for as long as I can remember there was an NES in my house. Plenty of neighbours and my babysitter had SNESs but playing them was kind of a rare treat because we never had one. In '98 I saved up and bought an N64 with the people controller and OoT at Costco, first thing I ever saved up to buy.

I didn't actually deep dive into the SNES library until middle school in the early 2000s after figuring out emulation.

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Roger, will do then.

Spooky xmas this year I guess.

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>I feel like every day of babby gramps' life is a constant struggle to prevent the massive, ever-enlarging cock of /vr/ from penetrating his bulbous butthole. One day he will finally grow tired of the fight and open his ass willingly, becoming yet another anon in the process.
Why do I find this sort of... beautiful?

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Doom WAD in which you play as a blue or green-eyed cyborg soldier where most of the levels are on Earth, the rank-and-file enemies are now Marxist thoughtslave SJWs, genetic mutants, North Korean soldiers, Cuban agents, Muslim Mullahs, Christian Priests, Bishops, and Hebe Rabbis with the bosses for the end of each level being people like zombie Killary, CEO of Monsanto, Raul Castro, and a Hivemind representative of the Learned Elders of Zion WHEN!?

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This remaster is pretty fucking kino.

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>*camera spins around anon screaming*
>Since /vr/ shut down, poor anon has nothing else to do but play retro video games!
>In fact, with the spare time he had he beat every single retro game in existence.
>Anon: retro games! Feed me more retro games! I need retro games!
>Thank you for playing Twisted Metal

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You, I like you.

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The old King's Quest games (I-IV) were so great.

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That's some good trollin' son, you're doing good.

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Mah Nigga!

I have a Pioneer CLD-79 and a bit of anime on LaserDisc.

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Well I'll be damned. It is a movie. I never bothered looking it up b/c the pics always struck me as a fake movie poster.

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check the catalog

compare the diablo and sacred threads

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oh man .. you're a genius

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You got that good taste son, dat tasty taste.

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Lol'd, thanks for that anon, you made my day somewhat brighter

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Doing God's work, son

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>I have nothing to contribute.
>sees dem titties and bunny ears

No, you did good man, you did good.

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>that Coogi

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you can find them in ebay for better condition for around 150 bucks I think lol

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Whatever man. Old and new are one in the same when lurking.

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