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AFAIK there are no Xngine or Build Engine versions of TerryWADs

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Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Powerslave, etc

Which is the best and why?

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There is a lot of misconception about how Build works.

Every wall with a sector behind is a portal. That's just how the engine inherently works, it does not mean that mappers manually place "portal effects" and "teleporters".

As a result, the engine allows to have as many sectors as you want on the same X/Y and even Z coordinates, as long as don't see two overlapping sectors at the same time.
That's how you can several floors on top of one another, see for instance the projection room in Duke's E1L1 Hollywood Holocaust and the corridor below it; or the entirety of E3L8 Hotel Hell.
This is called Sector over Sector or SoS.
Technicalities are explained here:

Then yes, there are actual teleporters. Underwater but also some of the elevators in Duke. Not every elevator is a teleporter, far from it however.

As time went on devs came up with hacks which would allow to see 2 overlapping rooms at the same time. This is called Room over Room or RoR and you can find it in Shadow Warrior, Blood or Redneck Rampage games. This time it is coder hacked and mapper place "portals", which are like looking through a floor/ceiling mirror except instead of mirroring it shows another room and acts as a teleporter at the same time.

Finally, all of these things can be, and often are, combined together. In other words you can have interconnected SoS rooms which are also connected by teleporting elevators and/or RoR.

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