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Speaking of System Shock,the development of the remake and 3 are cursed.
The former taking longer than expected and 3 teaser came out after so long. Now that they listened to the feedback,their publisher shut down and several employers were fired.

I just wanted this franchise back dammit.

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>See the image
>Remember this artist was among of the most popular ones in the retro shooter community
>Realize that most of them from 5 years ago are not nearly as active or just left all around
>Now we're stuck with these posers

Alexa play "Hurt",both of them.

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Come to think of it,Ranger life just sucks.
>He canonically has a daughter.
>He's slowly turning insane and less human.
>Has a photo of his family in order to not forget them
>God knows how long he's been doing this
>Constantly fights over and over in the arenas
>Fought across dimensions,hence had to adapt to any sort of enviroment
>The few humans he encountered want him dead
>Has to live with the fear his wife and children are dead.

God,Samus Aran lost her parents when she was 4 but over the years she got over it and motivated her.
She was traumatized by Ridley in Other M but was retconned thanks to Samus Returns remake
Doomguy lost his pet rabbit and mainly driven by anger and shows some empathy.

But him? Just damn.

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If that happens than I rather keep QC instead.
The way Machine Games fucked up the Wolfenstein franchise is unforgivable.

They've made 2 great games in a row,New Order and Old Blood and then The New Colossus happened which was inferior in pretty much everything.
Level design that makes no sense,No boss fights,the story is inferior,cutscenes that keep getting in the way,less weapons and a overall worse story.

Now Youngblood is coming out and it's like the ultimate fuck you to this franchise. Not only is co-op which equals worse level design most likely but it doesn't feel like a hopeless world dominated by a powerful regime.
Also that big discourse at the end of TNC where they say the nazi regime will fall and then you see YB where BJ gets kidnapped and nazis are still going strong.....in the 80s.
So basically not only it's been 20 years but also means everything you went through was futile.

Sorry for the rant but it still makes my blood boil,everything about it looked so promising and now the hype is gone.

TL;DR I don't want a new Quake by them,especially now that Ranger is a sad dad who wants to go home,they would turn him into a drama queen.They would butchered it like they did with Wolfenstein.

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All this talking about a Quake 1 reboot made me realize how much Doom Eternal is similiar to it.
-Think about it,the grappling hook,similiar to the one from Quake multiplayer.
-The way you move in different places,with a cannon or spaceship,like the slipgates.
-Some of the power ups are there like Quad Damage(Doom 4 also had them but still)
-The arm blade and Crucible are like the axe and Mjolnir
-The grunts are heavier and more similiar to Ranger grunts

Some of these are a bit of a stretch I know but I kinda fear this might be the closest thing to a new SP Quake game nowadays
I'm still hyped about it but that doesn't stop me from wanting a new Lovecraftian Quake.

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I need your best comfy wads, what are you best reccomendations?

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What is the best way to play Quake 1? Should I use a sourceport like Quakespasm or just go with winQuake?

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>Download Thief fan mission
>have to up the gamma because I can't see shit

I get that Thief is a dark game and most missions happen during the dead of night but jesus mantake it easy with the lighting, I can't appreciate your fancy brushwork like this

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do not read the OP
whatever you do

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Links seem to be dead.

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>he didn't know

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