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>mascot RTS?
I need this!! Dogs versus rabbits will be amazing.

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>decide to do a test run of BTSX on Doomretro
>weapon change on the mousewheel is inverted and can't be changed

man, I can't express my love enough to you guys about how much I love this.

I always wanted be it so that, whenever I'm about to fight a hell knight that lurks around a corner and instinctively change to the SSG, I end up taking out the rocket launcher and blow myself up in a single shot, or dying to the bunch of agitated skeletals at the end of map06 because I can't whip out the plasma rifle. It was a feature I always wanted in Doom and now I can finally see it in action. Thanks!

It helps that the music stutters, too. Ugh, how I hate BTSX's music, like you don't even know. Seriously guys, I really am not one to say this kind of stuff, but man, I always hated music in Doom to begin with.

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I giggled

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