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Some great Sodom strats.

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>What model Sega CD do you own?
I've got a JVC X'Eye and a Pioneer Laseractive

>What are your favorite games?
Snatcher, Popful Mail, Lords of Thunder, Final Fight CD

>Did you have to repair it, and if so how?
No, for either system

>What do you think of the Sega CD, and the addon/CD fad?
It's alright.

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Daily reminder that Final Fight is the superior game.

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Sup /vr/, /fa/ here. So this might be silly but me and a few other anons get our fashion inspiration from concept art from classic beat 'em ups such as Streets of Rage, Fighting Force, Final Fight, etc. Point is, is that I'm looking for particular artwork from retro games that really "bring-out" the street fashion from the 80s/90s.

If you guys have classic concepts and artwork, feel free to post. I'd really appreciate it.

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So glad they kept this for the cover to the Sega CD version (Even if Andore's blood on the ground was removed)

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