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why do people hate my name so much every fucking time.
It's a name get over it, sorry yours isn't as cool.

anyway, what are the best settings for co-op, in vr's opinion?
In DOOM, you can just respawn immediately where you died, and I don't think that's very fun or interesting.

In cod zombies, a player is "down" if their health reaches zero. Here they lose their powerups, such as double max health, speed reload, etc. If they are not "revived" by a team mate in time, they die and lose their weapons, and the next round they respawn next to the players with their pistol. They can spend their points to get stuff.
So player downs/death punish by
1. reducing player effectiveness
2. focusing enemies on fewer players, giving each player more stress
3. less firepower to deal with the enemies
4. fewer players around to revive other downed players

In halo if a player dies, his inventory is left where he died. If his teammates clear the immediate area of enemies, he can re-spawn (and then hopefully pick his stuff up). He CANNOT respawn until the area is clear (sort of).
If everyone dies before anyone respawns, the game starts from the last saved "checkpoint"

And speaking of checkpoints, is there a way to save and load co-op games? I feel like I've done it in PRboom+ at one point...

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wait nevermind. i'm better at this than i thought i was...

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