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>Also what is with the jump height and climb height in doom/quake it's fockin mental

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>Unlike a lot of FPS protagonists, Doomguy actually has a sense of momentum and speed build-up. Yeah it's quick, but if you just let go of the movement keys he also sort of awkwardly slides to a stop instead of stopping on a dime ala something like Quake. Plus he has to get a brief moment to build up momentum in an opposite direction.
What're you talkin' about, dude? Quake absolutely doesn't have 'stopping on a dime,' the slowing down is just less noticeable because you're moving slower than in Doom. There's multiple cvars related to the entire system, like sv_accelerate (how fast the player reaches maxspeed) and sv_friction (how quickly you lose speed when you let go of a movement key). If Quake made you stop moving the instant you stopped holding a key or touched the ground, bunnyhopping wouldn't exist.

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