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big Kim is best player

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Super Mario Strikers (not retro)
Super Dodge Ball is a good fun wacky sort of sports game.

>NBA Hangtime.
This is by far the best Version of the "Jam" series of basketball games. The Arcade & N64 are the only versions worth a fuck. It may be the only reason I own a N64.

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>NBA Hang Time 4 players.
Holy fuck! This is the ONLY time I have seen anything like this written that wasn't written by me. NBA Hangtime on the N64 is quite possibly the best sports game ever made.

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>ITT games only you seem to like
NBA Hangtime on the N64. I fucking hate sports games, but for some reason the super casual 2v2 basketball game is hilarious, and fun.

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>I actually wanted to do something like this as a kid, but with an N64 when Gauntlet Legends came out. Lack of good quality N64 arcade sticks is the only thing that stopped my dad from doing it, he bought both of the arcade sticks available at the time and neither of them held up for more than a week of me playing with them.
There is no good way to convert to USB for a generic PC arcade stick? I want an NBA Hangtime setup bad.

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>Fucking love Hydro Thunder, NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat 4
NBA Hangtime is the ONLY good basketball game ever. Obviously that is my opinion, but the N64 version was the closest to the arcade we could get.

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I would love to find a way to add or change a few of the heads in NBA Hangtime on the N64. A few extra fun heads and names would be fun. Pic related.

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>N64 was a weak offering with extremely limited appeal
Each system had a target audience, and for the most part has nailed it. My parents had n64. I had a PSX & n64. My mother still tries to play MK64 at least a half hour every day. I would love to take her to a tournament, just to watch a 65 year old grandmother kick zoomer ass. She may have more time on that game then some people have been alive, and I am not even joking.

But for casual and party style games, n64 was a treat. PSX nailed the single player element and was the system of egotists and elitists. N64 what the plebs and normies did when they had an IRL friend over. I had them both, and was working/living on my own when they came out. I still have my psx. Gave n64 & games to my sister because I got a better one w/everdrive.

both are fucking awesome systems. I guess it depends on how many siblings and/or friends you had to compete with also. We had a large group of friends that would be happy with Mvc2 for days straight or Mk64. And by "days", I mean 2-3 straight days. We did a NBA Hangtime 64 weekend, and found out it has some pretty tight 2 player pass/dunk dynamics. Its not just 2d ping pong.

My friend had every system except a neogeo, and he loved fighters, so of course he had every sega saturn gimmic, and later the dream cast for the Marvel series. Dreamcast is not retro. I hate that idea. If it runs code veronica, it is not retro.

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NBA Hangtime on N64.

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