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If you gents have some time free, I'd like to ask for a little bit of feedback.

One thing people have been asking for in DemonSteele is the ability to wield the sword by itself--a lot of people have also been asking for a way to do sword attacks that aren't just rapid-fire atatatatatatatatatatatata.

So what I did is make the Kharon a weapon by itself, and the alt-fire is a charge-up that unleashes a powerful strike with the blade--mechanically, it fires five different rippers in a wide spread that die off after three tics, tearing through enemies right in front of you. Each level of charge increases each rippers' damage by 1, which means while it's not incredibly powerful, it's still capable of clearing out crowds of mooks quite easily.


It's unpolished, simplistic, and basic, but the functionality is there for the purposes of checking out.

Simply put, I don't like it. At all.

This completely negates the need for both special attacks and the Omen--it's a crowd-clearing attack done completely for free with very little drawback aside from "it must be manually charged", which can be done easily when hopping from mob to mob.

While having a more powerful attack might be a good idea, I don't think this is the proper avenue to pursue it with, and I wanted to check and see what you guys thought before either dumping it and going with another idea or trying to see if it can be refined.

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