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Basically any game you like, especially those from your childhood.

I played absurd amounts of hours of NES Pinball while getting high.
Got a decent hi-score.

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I loved the Pinball game for NES as a kid.

However, when I got Pokemon Pinball I didn't enjoy it much, mainly because I sucked at it and got mad everytime I played it, ended up not having fun and frustrated.
Mainly because instead of playing just for having fun, I was obsessed with catching 'em all, everytime I missed catching a rare monster I wanted to smash the gameboy, what a faggot.
Thinking back, it wasn't a bad game... certainly had a lot of depth for a pinball game, what with traveling to different cities, or the bonus stages, but I ended up trading the game for something else after some time.

Other than that, the only other pinball games I played were Sonic Spinball PC version (didn't like it), and the classic 3D pinball game for DOS on PC, which I wasted a lot of time with, but ultimately, the old NES pinball is still the one I have the fondest memories with, it was simple but just fun and comfy.

I've heard Galactic Pinball for Virtual Boy is excellent (and has a Samus cameo), but I still never got to try it.

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