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>in general the same games looked significantly better on N64

Hell naw

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Faces were a fuckfest on PS1 in general due to warping.

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The N64 port of Resident Evil 2 is an engineering and programming miracle. Not only are the cutscenes still intact, this game used the 256 MB cart size to is fullest. Probably the biggest N64 cart size.

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N64 is da best

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I have all the resident evil 2 versions and I have to say that this one is the most interesting version, man shit flows fast, door animations are fast, camera transition is instant it is really good for speed runners, but we have to accept that this game inside a cart is a technical achievement by the team with the poor compression tools the had at their time:

Todd Meynink, one of Angel Studios’ lead developers on the project, explained in his October, 2000 postmortem on the game’s development process in Gamasutra, in order to fit everything on the cartridge the team had to obtain a 165:1 compression ratio with the FMVs. In a modern context the H.265 HVEC codec could make light work of this challenge (as it can scale up to 1000:1 for delivering 4K video), but when the game was being developed in early 1998 this codec wouldn’t be developed for another 15 years. This was an era of MPEG-1

>To look at this challenge another way, let’s put it into numerical perspective. The original rendered frames of the video sequences were 320×160 pixels at 24-bit color = 153,600 bytes/frame. On the Nintendo 64 Resident Evil 2‘s approximately 15 minutes of 30Hz video make a grand total of 15 x 60 x 30 x 153,600 = 4,147,200,000 bytes of uncompressed data. Our budget on the cartridge was 25,165,824 bytes, so I had to achieve a compression ratio of 165:1. Worse still, I had to share this modicum of cartridge real estate with the movie audio.

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N64 looks so beautiful

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