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>Every board from A to Z on this site is basically shitposting at one another's opinions, tastes, culture, methods etc, etc in a vain effort to feel "superior."
It may be because 4chan(nel) is a discussion board for discussing various topics, and a part of discussion is in fact arguing about opinion. If I wanted to see a bunch of same-ish opinions I'd go someplace like Reddit.
>How is that not just as shallow as a pretty girl throwing on a pair of Buddy Holly glasses and taking a selfie with a Nintendo Classic on Instagram?
Because to properly discuss something you need to have a lot more than the base amount of information as well as understanding of jargon and culture not forgetting internal referential material to compare. I don't think anyone genuinely takes part in a hobby just to argue about bullshit.
>Maybe the girls you know don't go beyond the supposed entry level because it simply doesn't interest them and not necessarily because they're dilettantes.
I mean we're arguing about supposed truths where anecdotal evidence is honestly the only evidence. I don't think there's any studies or scholarly articles about "actual interests" aside from miscellaneous psychology to pull from.
This thread is primarily assumptions on a topic not well researched.
>How are "base opinions and taste" not a valid or in-depth engagement with a hobby
Because it shows a lack of exploration outside of the popular cannon.

>autism (at any level)... is more prevalent in males
I agree with the rest of your post, though I was mostly using "autism" as an alt for "genuine interest." But that may actually have something to do with it.

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Fresh Blood is up on the mega.
Get it while it's hot!

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