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First answer best answer.

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Why do you keep parroting this bullshit?

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Why are you mad though?

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How do you keep track of your collection?

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>If you're a really good player, meaning you've got the skill of a 9 or 10 year old, you can even try to jump your car
>Proceeds to die

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oh OHH ah ah ah AH-AH oh ohh ah ah

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>Have you ever been so mad at video games that you saved 16 pictures of dolphins to your computer?

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>Donkey Kong Country 2
My favourite video-game, period. Best mechanics, memorable level design, best atmosphere, best soundtrack, nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia. This game is the reason to get your SNES SPDIF/Coax modded. NEEDS to be seen in RGB too.
>Yoshi's Island
Beautiful game, great mechanics, great level and enemy designs, and Koji Kondo makes some of his best stuff. Deserves to be seen in RGB.
>Kirby Superstar
Solid game and mechanics, some of the most memorable levels and areas I can remember in a game, amazing soundtrack, and dat co-op. Again, needs to be seen in RGB.
>Wario Land 4
Read the 600-page analysis.
Yeah yeah, not /vr/, but my god this is fun. One simple bit of control makes for tough yet fair platforming, along with a great Commodore aesthetic, cute story/characters, and a fucking godly soundtrack.

Platformers are my life, get on my level.

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I knew I wasn't crazy

Diddy confirmed GOAT

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What am I reading?

Diddy is the best with his high speed. Dixie was designed to be an easier character to play but everything in the game can be completed by Diddy alone.

Do you not know that you can cartwheel into a jump to gain distance?

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Boy do I have a DKC track for you.

Or maybe some DKC2?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHG-wiW2gco (Warning: Lyrics)



Even some DKC3

Enjoy, congrats, you know the rest.

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>Which DKC was your favorite?
2. Period. Dixie is my waifu. Nearly every point of this game is flawless. Some of the best gameplay, music, and atmosphere. Playing through RGB/Framemeister, the game is gorgeous to this day, and the gameplay still holds up wonderfully. My future grandkids will be playing this.

1 almost makes the top, seeing how it was my first video game, but it has noticeably aged. The combination of more atmospheric music with the backdrops given still make it fun to run around for a little while, but it gets old pretty quick, and can be pretty easily beaten.

3 has not held up nearly as much. Sure it was neat that each world had more unique gimmicks, but these gimmicks weren't expanded on save for Krematoa. As well, while Eveline Fischer is a good composer, and made some great tracks for DKC1, she can't handle a full soundtrack. No one touches David Wise. Not to mention, I'm aboard the Kiddy hate train. Whilst giving Kiddy more weight when carrying brings depth to the game, it slows things down too much for my tastes. Also Ellie sucks as an animal buddy.

>Did you have a favorite character
Dixie made me a furry, so there's that.

DKC1 - Ice Cave Chant, though the whole soundtrack is pretty good
DKC2 - The Entire Fucking Soundtrack - Pretty much every piece on here is gold. The OC Remix album of this is also damn good.
DKC3 - Frosty Frolics and Water World, everything else is just kinda there.

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Rules say 99 but fuck it, /vr/ has been around for a year, the date should bump up accordingly or we set a pre 7th gen rule.

>Implying mods really do shit and don't just kill threads that they disagree with.

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To be fair, Americans barely thrive on it. Free markets work the same way a cancer cell does; growth for the sake of growth.

I guess it depends on your definition of "thrive" is. Americans have it better off than a lot of other countries, but are digging ourselves into a hole with "muh free markets"

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>This is one of the main things that fucks me up
I agree, the graphics are so "floaty" and turbid that it is sometimes hard to see what is platform and what is not. It's more clear cut in NES games.

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Hey /vr/, planning to go out and get some games for my 3DS, Genesis, and Snes. Got around under $200 to mess around with and just wondering what are some good affordable games for the Snes and Genesis?

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These niggas.

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>berserker, two handed, axtiem

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