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The death knights are also deceptively strong, almost twice as much health as you would expect them to have. Based on how easy it is to take down the knights, the death knight looks like it should probably only have twice as much health. Im not saying they should be modded to be weaker, only that their size and armor design (3d model) should be bigger and more wicked looking.
> even the Gunners from Q2 look tougher than they are and the gunners only have 200 health. The ogres look tougher than death knights for that matter.

First game I ever saw that had the configuration set in it by default was Unreal Tournament. They may have adopted that based on what pro players were using, or they may have set the trend, I dont know which.

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thanks, i hate it

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>he can't dodge hitscan attacks

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>tfw too smart for non brush based mapping

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