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Ink Ribbon limited save system.

When I first played Resident Evil in early 1997, the fact I couldn't save whenever I wanted made the game that much more intense. By the time I made it to the guard house, I was out of ribbons and decided to restart the game to horde a bunch of them and not use them in crappy places like I had in my first run through. Even still, from the guard house onward I was freaking out about saving my progress and only finished my first play through with 3 or so ribbons left.

This was a really awesome game mechanic.

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It's part of the survival game mechanics. You're only allowed a limited number of saves, and you must collect ink ribbons before you can even save, so yeah, you must learn to think carefully when and where. I'm not gonna lie to you. If you fail and waste all your ink ribbons too fast, you will screw yourself out of victory. If you die, and your last save was a long time ago, you must repeat a lot of stuff. But to us old farts, it was part of the challenge. It kept you vulnerable and made the experience tense.

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You know why Resident Evil and other games turned shittier?

Back then it was just an isolated place, without the involvement of politics, governments and other bullshit.

If the playing field is taken to a global scale and too public it turns into shit.

Not that it is the only reason why RE games suck now... (i.e. bad monster designs, even shittier stories)

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