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ITT: Best SNES/Genesis tracks, no other consoles just those two




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Killing what you happen to come across while travelling from point A to point B isn't considered "grinding".

Good JRPGs are paced well enough that if you do at least that you should be fine.

I guess that's not what you did.

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I feel the opposite. I hate Golden Axe on the Genesis.

In SoR, I don't think you move slowly. The graphics are great, just look at this. Had that dark, dusky neon thing going in throughout most of the levels.

Can't say I noticed any slowdown, but I won't really argue against it. I'd like to see an example in a video or something though.

Enemies have worse variety than the sequel, but I love the way you fight them. With no consistent move to knock all enemies down you have to play more carefully and know how to use your grabs. It's good fun.

With Golden Axe I felt like the game just encouraged you to do nothing but go for quick knowndowns since enemies charged at you so frequently.

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