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>The Plutonia Experience

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So, what WAD actually started the trend of giant Revenant closets with Archviles inside them too, and why did it catch on in map design enough to the point of reaching meme status?

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I also think TNT was the better than Plutonia because I was too shit to beat Plutonia.

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>half the fucking doors are broken to shit, the other half practically taunt you with the whole rapid open-close bit
>instead of the door opening, the entire fucking room your in becomes the door

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Dunno, E1M8 effect is reproducable but it depends on format you're mapping for. If it's Vanilla-ish (Doom, Doom 2, Boom) then some Dehacked fuckery would be required. If it's Doom Legacy format then Fragglescript could help. If it's UDMF\Doom in Hexen format you can make a script that executes when both Barons die, but I don't know much about setting up any of these way so I can't help you here, man. Alternatively you can pick something from >>3737927 Or you can just put some Commander Keens in that room somewhere and put tag 666 on sector that needs to be lowered, except you're gonna make them work like a door (i.e. lower the ceiling to the floor level).

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I wish /vr/ had /v/ spoilers

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