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I'll punish you... in the name of the moon!

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I haven't got the chance to play the 3DO one, but yeah it looks good.

Playing the beat 'em up game on Genesis was great, I also played through it right when I was watching the series on TV, so perfect timing.
I remember played it all the way through several times with a friend (taking turns because Genesis version is only 1 player).

The SuperS game is a fighting game, similar to the 3DO one apparently. Worth playing, and has all senshi and outer senshi plus chibi usa.

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I still have both the Sufami SuperS fighter and the MD beat'em up carts.

The only SM game I emulated when I discovered emulation (a long time ago) was Another Story for SNES. Never got very far, but I've heard it's a pretty awesome game.

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