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Girlfriend core or whatever, I liked the recs from last thread and they worked. Got any more?
It could be co-op or single-player, but it must have that "it" that makes it ideal to play with a girlfriend, those of you who know, know.
I recommend picrel, it has co-op, is comfy and overall quality game to spend an afternoon with.

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Can we get a thread for this awesome game? I just beat it today ater struggling with the final boss rush for so long, once you memorise their patterns and weakness it's pretty satisfying to beat them but the two-phase final boss is pretty crazy.
The music and graphics are great for the time, gameplay's short but sweet too. Doesn't overstay its welcome. Briefly played the Gameboy one and never touched the original, how are those?

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Why were there so many caveman games in the 16-bit era?

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