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FFVIII has a GF with abilities that lower random encounters by 1/2 or eliminate them completely, makes exploring so much less tedious.

It's the reason I replay it more than VII or IX (I know VII has enemy away materia but it's such a pain in the balls to get and isn't 100% effective).

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Super Metroid is more challenging and has better gameplay, Symphony has better aesthetics, music and atmosphere but is also piss easy. No objective way to determine which is better, each has its own merits that will suit individual tastes.

I personally replay SOTN more often just because I prefer gothic horror to sci-fi.

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One thing I wish they were more explicit about is if you win in the colosseum you still lose the item you bet, so you're not really wining an item so much as exchanging it. So don't bet anything you don't want to lose because it's gone either way.

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