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the day we lose Kegan and Term is the day I get my fat ass out of my chair to hang people

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I'm sorry Tom
I'm so sorry

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Here I am playing some Quack and then the Quoth enemies come out to try and ruin my fun

I hate the knight with the energy shield
I hate the tentacle things
I hate the lil swarm buggers because they eat two SSG shots

good lord I get that Quake needed a bit more enemy variety but fighting these fuckers feels less like a challenge and more like a chore

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>make a Zdoom account to post a mod edit
>"your first post has to be approved by a moderator"
>that was probably an hour ago and it hasn't shown up yet
making a Zdoom forum account was probably a mistake

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jannies being a massive fag

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man Im in the mood to fire HD up again, any maps you anons would recommend me for that? any good, recent picks?

last time I played it I used Diabolus Ex

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thats grounds for some dishonorary discharge soldier

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that sucks

however after a quick look it seems Morrowind is going strong these days,specially after openMW and the multiplayer mod, not sure a video in this style would be necessary, my reach may be microscopic but with Quake you dont really see a lot of coverage

the guides may be "OVERHAUL MORROWIND CURRENT YEAR" but you also have the morrowind mod showcase channel and I think he's doing a pretty good job
>check the august update
>over 700 mods released on 2018
Yeah they are doing alright

Perhaps a Thief/Build games video would be more useful
tho I should take a break and work on something different, I dont want to get stuck being a one trick pony

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maybe a diagram would scare them away too
I guess I could relegate most of that to an "addendum" video instead for the more technical stuff

I'm going to hit the sack now, ask the pillow for some good advice

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