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Cause he doesn't like it, therefore it's bad.

People may like the charge shot or not, but it sure as hell was a good addition... in MM4. In that game, the mega buster is still the weakest weapon in the game (because the arsenal in that game is awesome as fuck), so you're still given an incentive to use all of the weapons, especially through the castle stages.

On the other hand, you have games like MM5 where the mega buster is far superior and more practical than any of the weapons in the game, rendering the weapon system useless.

tldr, the charge shot is a good thing, it's just better implemented in some games than others.

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MM1 - It's very unpolished in general
MM2 - Unbalanced weapons, a couple of cheap bosses, Quick Man's horrible stage gimmick,
MM3 - It's an obvious beta, but it's generally pretty good until the Wily stages. They're so empty and easy they ruin the game. Final boss is a joke. Few weapons are useful
MM4 - My favorite. Very nice entry in general, minus a couple of empty stage backgrounds and Toad Man. Ending is kind of unsatisfying (though still badass)
MM5 - HUGE step down in difficulty, totally useless weapons, uninspired and bland stage design, it's just sort of there.
MM6 - Similar to MM5 except they fucked up the physics compleately. Same-y weapons. The theming is nice with the international RMs and all, but the game is just "yet another MM game"
MM7 - I don't like how MM is so big on the screen, it makes it so that i can't see what's coming ahead of me. Shooting is unsatisfying because of the sound the buster makes.
MM8 - It's a very very easy game. The music just doesn't sound like a Mega Man soundtrack for my taste.
MM&B - It's MM8 but more difficult, which is ok i suppose. Recycling bosses is lazy. Most of the stuff in the shop is useless.
MM9 - I don't like how they removed the slide and the charge shot but i guess that's ok. Weapons are overpowered.
MM10 - Same as above, except weapons are underpowered and virtually useless.

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>not MM4

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