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you know I love buff women but this is a little...much

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anyone heard about this AI dungeon thing?

It's basically a AI generated text adventure, you start with a prompt and input commands from there, you can even set you own custom prompt with the 4th option.
The AI only remembers the prompt and the last 8 interactions, so you need to be descriptive and remind it whats going on from time to time, seems to work best in second person.
Avoid asking it definitive question, seems to work better if you leave it open to make stuff up on the fly.
check these to get some pointers:
Collection of custom prompts made by anons:
Here's a Doom prompt:
You are Flynn Taggart. You are a UAC marine stationed on Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars. Scientists have accidentally opened a portal to hell and demons have started to overrun the base. You are out on patrol when you hear the screams coming from the intercom so you decide to come back to the base only to find

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There's several goils I want in Quake Champions but especially this one

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I know someone better

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thanks for going there, now all you need to do is provide some insight.

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true dat

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the earlier one by the same artist

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quick question
insta-dodge on airborne monsters, yes or no?

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