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Games with this aesthetic?

My gripe with low poly modern games is that low polygon models have absolutely no benefit over a much more detailed model, because the underlying engines run like shit. A game that looks like something that would've run at full speed with a Pentium 2 would chug on a system with anything less than a modern quad-core because unity or unreal or whatever have to constantly calculate shit that isn't being utilized at all. This guy >>5881010 has a point, games aren't made by programmers anymore, the tools are strong enough for anyone to use and hardware is strong enough to run any poorly optimized game.

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Mario looks like he's got to move those color TVs.

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I find it amusing how pre-rendered CGI tech would be later emulated by console games. I feel as if CGI stagnated, however, yet there are still massive render farms and prerendered videos in games.

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