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I’m looking for some obscure and overlooked platform games.

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>What are your favourite arcade games?
Darius Gaiden and any SF2 cabinet

>What are you playing right now?
Cleopatra Fortune. I've had a bit of practice at Columns recently, so it's pretty easy. Lupin III is playing in the background for maximum comfy.

>Do you have a local arcade?
Not in this god-forsaken town. Just a D&B, but they never carry the good shit.

>Any arcade memories from yesteryear?
So for the longest time I tried tracking down a game I recalled playing in an arcade briefly back in 1999 (I was 4). Despite some vague details and countless HELP ANONS FIND THE NAME OF A VIDYA threads, I've never been able to track it down.

A few weeks ago I picked up both Taito Legends games for the PS2, and now I'm almost entirely convinced Liquid Kids was the first game I played. The visuals and the sounds are sort of nostalgic. If it really is, I'd be pleasantly surprised. Taito's my favorite arcade dev, right next to SEGA and BAMCO.

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and this one.

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