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Neither High Nor Low was a really fun level level, but it could've been better It was originally supposed to be a vacuum level, so you'd gradually lose oxygen and the oxygen tank is at the very top of the map
>. It had a large open room with dimming lights that connected to other open rooms, with lots of weird wall textures, and I think it was the same map with a long hallway with a double monster closet trap right before a drop-off into a large, bright room with a large group of enemies all facing a statue
Yeah, that was Pfhoraphobia. It's one of the very few levels in the game without either a save station or health terminal. It's pretty fucking hard if you're playing on Major Damage or Total Carnage.

Well, technically nothing is stopping you from playing M2 first, but I would highly recommend playing Marathon chronologically. The general consensus is that M1 is the weakest of the series, but it's still necessary to understand the story, and it helps you appreciate the improvements that M2 and M3 have. Also, the latter M1 levels are really fun, it's just a bit slow when starting out.

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