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I'm just about finished with Doom 64. I'm on the level No Escape. This has definitely become my favorite doom game. I love the map designs, the weapon designs, the monster designs. It's really a beautiful game in some maps and it feels really good to play. Best Doom.

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>Doom 64 in Doom II coming out in a few days

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Maybe I'm just not as sensitive to it, but i listened to the WoFF episode, the recent ones on Never Winter Nights 2 and they weren't that political at all. In fact the most recent episode went on a pretty tame tangent on why its shitty to TOLD YA SO people. The game in question is one that deals with morality on a micro and marco scale so the conversations on politics and ethics aren't so out of place like they might be on an episode of Kirby or Mario etc.

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