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It doesnt matter how many times I play the Doom Comic Slideshow video, the voice just doesnt sound insane enough.

I mean, his voice fits quite well, but he has no enthusiasm and he sounds completely sane.

I want someone to read Doomguss voice who is so insane, who screams and yells like an pain elemental giving birth to 3 Lost Souls at once while literally crying blood of joy, because ripping and tearing is incredibly satisfying. He mus breath heavy and grunt brutally, like the Zombieman looking for its prey. He should also die of rage and brutality while trying to record his voice pronouncing every Doom Comic word like a serial killer on meth, Speed and Spoonfedding at once.

Jesus, give me someone who is this mad and fuckin brutal. I would try to do this, but my Laptop crashed and my phone sucks

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>terminus is doomkartguy
Fuck you terminus
Suck my cock you nigger

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