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Hey, thanks man. I figure, if a map has a lot of doors, y'gotta make 'em look interesting or something. I know to avoid doors, but sometimes y'can't come up with anything- or the setting calls for doors.

If you do indeed like the aesthetic, may I point you towards Krinkel's series which the visuals are based on? It was more of a "madness theme but done in/with doom" (at least, as close as I can manage) A good portion of my maps are probably there for those with more experience to look over and help with their "mappers sector" for inspiration for their maps. I'm fucking shit at this thing as a whole, but I'm still going to give it my all (I've nothing better to do and it keeps me 'sane' in a relative sense.)
I think I chose the theme because MC11 is supposedly nearly done.

Either or. Madness Combat. If I fail to complete the map proper, then I'll probably huck it to that community as a whole.

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