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>a whole wad of demons just giving you this cocksucking grin

truely terrifying.

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I know right?
Dopa was dope.

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>not saving ammo

It's a joel stream alright

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>tfw no Joel stream of the Doom Contest today

I was hoping to see my map but at the same time I'm too scared to see it live in case people bash it or knowing it didn't qualify.

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The problem I have with it is the "Deliberately Requires" part. Since it should be easy to shut off everything that takes advantage of modern stuff. At least under Software Renderer it allows you to turn Off the truecolor renderer now
> there's just a certain look/grainy recoloring that happens with software that I miss when truecolor is turned on

Also with some advanced features there should be legacy or low-scale backends available to switch to. Like how some games that normally run under DX9c provide the option to use DX8 quality shaders (FEAR does this).

Im using GZdoom mainly to play the mods and make my own mods/tweaks, taking advantage of the gameplay features (action functions, etc).
> Could care less about the real glitz and glamour associated with the modern architecture.
> Would return it to Software mode even if I had the option of hardware, because texture blending is wholly inappropriate for doom-level resolution textures and sprite monsters.
Only gzdoom graphic performance stuff I care about is making sprites rotate (setroll, which I still cant benefit from in software mode). Ive mastered additive blending with palette translations on projectiles, but thats been around since zdoom.

Although I can view dynamic lights now I dont generally care about them, I might play around with it now that ive got the chance.

My main worry is that newer editions at some point will drop compatability altogether for what I like doing, while adding new features that I really want to use, and new mods taking advantage of them that I wont be able to since ill be stuck on an older version.

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>The boys are back in town

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alright, I'm a little self conscious, but I'm gonna do it anyways starting tomorrow. here's hoping i can whip up something that isn't dogshite for a first attempt.

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I think the implication that nobody here wants to really face is...

That all along we've assumed, but been wrong...


Ranger is actually much tougher than Doomguy

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> "thats one doomed computer"

Have they solved the software renderer lockup issues yet?

> as soon as any level starts it slows down to a drag, then might even crash the game

Or am I to assume that 2.4 was the last actual stable release?

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What are good map packs for Quake geared for beginners? I beat the main game and expansions on Hard, but I tried Arcane Dimensions and got the shit kicked out of me.

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>180 damage explosive with 360 radius
>360 radius
>triple fucking radius rockets

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>We’ve gotten about 80 maps and 40 weapons.
What, how?! This isn't even including late submissions, what happened?

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Christ, fuck that map. Dropped my no save pistol start uv run there, just couldn't be bothered. If I got lucky enough to make it back inside after the first key, I wouldn't survive long.

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That icon for "A Toe into Madness" though

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>E1M9 in DooD

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