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Eyy 2 threads later I get to reply. The joys of having a job and a life and a fucking broken-down car.
Gore is tweaked from Smooth Doom, one of the old versions. The blood is custom, made to look like blood from some 64k mod I liked but then altered more. The sprites are mostly from either a few r667 weapons that I thought didn't look like total ass or from the minor sprite fixing project. Also a few from extended monster spriting sets for the two-handed attacks for the knight/baron/imp. Code is all mine for the most part. PSMG original sprite was courtesy of Kegan, then I made it look a bit better and added the muzzle flash. Really I put my fingers in everything so it's all custom-ized to some degree. The credits for everything that I know the maker of emit into the console on every run but it's by no means perfectly specific, just as comprehensive as possible.
If you've got something in there and it's not credited or something I can add you if you want.

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>Golly gee willikers Grindhouse, I wanna play Brutal Doom but I feel like it adds to much bloat but I can't find decent alternative. What do I do?
Good question Johnny, I've found that a mixture of
-HD Textures
-and Beautiful Doom
does the trick quite nicely

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