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So I would like to say that I appreciate these threads and all the help you guys have been.


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Nazis are an actual part of history, so comparing them to demons is stupid to begin with. Also "nazi [x]" is the most creatively dead thing anybody can come up with after "zombie [x]". The kinds of people who unironically enjoy this probably live in trailers and subsist on mountain dew. Usually defending their sub-pleb tastes with watery allegations of prejudice instead of admitting their taste in fiction is the equivalent of eating baked beans every day.

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I'm trying to locate a doom map, this is what I know.

>Single level (afik)
>H.R Giger inspired, but it isn't "Adessa"
>There is a kind of "going downwards" theme to the whole map, feels isolating
>Final fight is against two archviles
>Thought it got a cacoward but may have just been nominated, have checked every winner for the last 11 years and no sign

Any ideas?

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