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I don’t know, it’s not like I don’t like Zelda since I played and loved Wind Waker five years later in 2003. The N64 Zeldas just never clicked with me I guess. My other favorite in the series is Link’s Awakening so maybe I only like Zelda games that involve warm beaches and ocean.

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>Equip myself entirely with equipment that boosts the Luck stat
>Use in combination with the card combo that boosts Luck stat
>Grinding for card drops becomes quick and trivial
The only real problem with this system is that only a very small selection of enemy types actually drop cards and you don't know which ones they are. Having to look up a guide outside of the game to find out which ones isn't fun, they should have just put a special border around the names of enemies that drop the cards, problem solved.

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>"This map requires (mod)
>Use the map search function to look for (mod)
>Download most recently uploaded version
Also many maps that require a mod come packaged with said mod. It's not a big deal at all.

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Even if it is, people in this thread curious about getting into Quake are receiving some really good info.

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Also I'm wondering if when you unzipped the map pack the data was already in a folder in the zip. So you open it, then there's another folder, then you open that and then there's the data. Maybe the extra step is confusing NBlood?

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Quake is my all time favorite FPS and to this day I still have no idea what the fuck the story is. They could have removed it entirely and it wouldn't have made any difference to me.

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I haven't touched any of their other games but I'm playing through Lunar Eternal Blue on Sega CD right now and am really enjoying both the translation and the increase in difficulty from the Japanese version.

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I like all these games.

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My standards for FPS must be really low or something because I enjoyed Episode 2 greatly from start to finish. This extends to other games as well, I never had a problem with any levels in DOOM 2 for example and was shocked to find so much hate for them online. I played Daikatana recently with the fan patch that fixes bugs and allows you to play without the AI companions and I actually had alot of fun, the cutscenes are oozing with 90s cheese so I can't help but love them and the game tiself just felt like a slightly awkward standard late 90s FPS with lots of variety in weapons, locations and enemies.

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I do all that stuff and it works for me. Crouching helps more than anything else I found. I play on Lightly Broiled though so maybe they're just bullshit on higher difficulties?

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I like both ST and MK2 a lot

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I couldn't really tell the difference while playing Metal Slug. I think "a ton" is exaggerating a bit. I had a CD pad I bought off ebay that lasted me ~6months until the stick shit the bed; I just didn't want to take the risk of another 2nd hand pad.
If you know where to buy these new or refurbished that doesn't cost a ton I'd take a bite on another CD pad.
It's mostly my lazy controller for when I don't feel like using the stock AES stick.

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I frequently watch half hour+ reviews, documentaries and retrospectives on games I've already played. Also you didn't provide any counterarguments to anything said in the videos so I'm assuming this is just your way of trying to sidestep criticism of the shitty game you like.

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I get the same feeling with 2D Beat Em Ups. I play through the greats in the genre like Streets of Rage 2, Final Fight, TMNT, etc and I can't tell come to a conclusion as to which one is better because it felt so incredibly similar that none of them registered as superior to the other. The only difference between them seemed to be the visuals. I don't hate the genre at all, it just seems like if you've played one you don't really have to play any others.

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I always thought a Fishing game with a Platforming Adventure element was a really cool fun idea. Was confused to see Big get shit on so much. Do people really hate fishing that badly?

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well shit, dudes. It's not like it isn't right there. And if the other guys are complaining about how awful the 3DS D-pad is, you'd think maybe they'd consider using the circle pad (not that it's better).

It's just an observation.

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How does one begin with romhacks for gen 2 Pokemon?

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Why did shodan betray you? What would have had to gain from betrayal when you're staring her in the eye with an overcharged EMP rifle?

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>crying for a video game

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then what's the problem?

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Track type always was B&M from the get-go and therefor I spent most of my time working out the kinks in the launch section. You're right in that I gave up in the middle part, I just wanted to be done with this one and move on to other experiments. Was my mistake thinking that B&M would be the track choice because of it's ease-of-use and flexibility? I don't remember the 'LIM' track type to have the kind of inversions I was going for, but I am almost positive I'm looking in the wrong places.

I may just copy the scenery footprint, go into the track editor, change up the whole thing, and drop it back in the park sometime later.

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>You should strongly consider another hobby.

I only tried to beat it when I was a kid, it was just getting stomped so hard as a kid by the CPU I never bothered to try again.

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i always used zsnes over snes9x because i preferred its design

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>played Alundra 2 around the time it came out
>never even heard of the first Alundra until years later
>I thought it was pretty fun

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