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>play plugy
>uber smite
>farm keys
>get organs
>save and exit
>copy save file
>start new game
>enter tristram
>kill ubers
>identify large charm
>it's another barb whilst I need amazon
>save and exit
>delete save files
>copy backup
>rinse & repeat until I have torches for all chars

Lol, goodbye incessant grinding.

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Not specifically remakes but thanks for the recommendations

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I spent the last 2 hours ifguring out how MIDIs and soundfonts worked and was gonna try to get some help

You guys think of everything, I love you.

Seems I have an Adlib and SC-55 emulator. Last deal would be to find a Gravis Ultrasound soundfount

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All good, friend.
There's a user CVar (allclear_hlm, defaults to 1) controlling the sound thing.
I also added a new line before the while loop so it doesn't run on maps with 0 enemies, here's the update:

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Jesus Christ, i didn't know here was a heroes III thread.
I'm in heaven.

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