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>release an actual interesting and good game on some shitty console noone ever heard about in europe
>release a flattened out generic rootie tootie on dos

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I bet Mischief Makers is real fun on that.

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>hey doom mapping seems like the thing these days within the doom community
>want to grab doom builder 2 to get started
>see this: https://virustotal.com/en/file/cd23ffbee72b1945242c5f11036801b8734f2aba55178b7badeb81c1fb62921f/analysis/

False positive or what?

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i have exactly same issues, and next mission is even worse, believe me.
I think its because of 3d models, i had that problem before but i could actually disable 3d models. this 3d stuff in boa is amazing, tanks etc look very cool, but its too demanding. its a doom 2 mod ffs, dont expect every doom 2 fan to have modern rig. Actually the main reason why im so much into doom/quake is because of my 6 y/o rig

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