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Fee Fi Fo Fum

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Right? That's what I mean.
You could easily do some sequel stuff to the classic games, set in like the 50's and 60's, where you both fight Commie guerillas and hunt escaped Nazi war criminals and remnant forces.

You could have locales set in South America and Africa, etc.
I figure you could make something pretty decent with that SDL setup, with a couple of 10 level episodes.
You could also feature mixes of weapons available, WW2 surplus stuff was widely available after the war for many years, and there's some neat early Cold War weapons you could include.
Mostly for theming each episode and giving them some more flavor, they wouldn't really have to be that radically different.

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I finished Wolfenstein 3D today. okay it was the TC but it's so fucking accurate it may as well be.

Unfortunately though I only beat the original episodes.
Escape from castle wolfenstein
Operation Eisenfast
Die Fuhrer Die

Now the question is what should I do next? Should I do Spear of Destiny or Nocturnal missions first?

I'm going to do the mission packs last since I know they're essentially just mods of spear of destiny but y'know officially released by the devs.

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>Enter deathmatch server.

>Select B.J. Blazkowicz.

>Obtain Spear of Destiny.

>One shot everyone.

I'm a scrub.

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Who is more badass? Doomguy, or Blazkowicz.

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