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well, let's imply that I don't understand a shit because, I don't understand a single shit 2bh

this is my first dehacked

so, I grabbed whacked4 and put "keendie" in the baron's death frame so:

>coffin linedef close the door
>coffin sector joined to another closed sector makes the baron teleport
>baron's death makes the door tagged 666 open


>I can't have more barons of hell in my map

>I though grabbing an item did a sound but that's not the case here so the baron doesn't teleport until I shoot

how I fix this things?, there is a comment there:


>you could apply the Cyberdemon's states to another object, such as a pool of blood or a marble pillar, so that you can have two types of cyberdemons, one that ends the level and one that has it's own state that doesn't have the braindie codepointer

but I don't really understand what the fuck I have to do

and then there is the sound problem

is the .webm limit still 3 mb?

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