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>Now you're just making up excuses to explain SH2.
And why the "town went to hell" after 1 in the first place. The sequels have mentions of various mysterious phenomenons and mental patients referring to "other worlds", proving that the area has had some sort of paranormal activity for ages.

>There is no real explanation why the characters in SH2 go through their personal hells and it's exactly the problem.
Neither is it explained how Dahlia "impregnated" Alessa with a seed of literal god / demon, but does that matter? Just like many things in the series, there's enough evidence to support some theories to make them believable options.

I've never considered there to be anything weird or bad about SH2 being related to the rest. The whole game felt like a fairly natural expansion to SH1 even back in the days to me. Neither have I considered SH4's methods of tying the entire saga into one to be cheap or bad in any way.

On the other hand, I cannot give similar credit to HC one bit. There's people literally teleporting between two towns all the time, and no clear source of all the projections and beings. The Movie boogeyman and James' sexy nurses + totally-not-Lying-Figure monsters do not help it one bit either.

>hence why SH3 and HC were more melee focused.
SH3, melee focused?
Shit son, you get goddamn SMG around mid-point of the game! Yeah sure, there's more melee weapons, but same applies to all past SH games in general.

HC really goes into action-horror category. There's barely any real survival, just funneled fights that you need to tread borderline DaS style, with pattern memorization and combo executions. The maps are also some of the most linear ones in the series, and there's barely any real puzzles either.

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