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>are you the guy that was asking about the barrel explosion demo a couple of threads ago?

Ya got me.
I'm starting to bang on about it because I'm beating around the bush but like I said I'll come back later with my best effort at making an exploding wall (that can go from both sides).

The map marker idea might be better actually, especially since I could use it again if I wanted explosions in the same area (like looping ones).

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and I thought *I* had an eye for doom maps!

Yes anon, it is.......you've got a good eye!

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There are certainly worse sprites, plus a SPAS is certainly closer to the future than an old fashioned pump or a two barrel.

It depends how much work you're willing to do.......I still think neon would work, but it might look a bit campy or be hard to pull off the lighting effect of it.

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