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When did you realize that some games weren't worth it to complete?

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What the fuck were they thinking. This game sucks ass and I was so fucking disappointed when this came out.

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Any fans of Digimon World 2 or any of the PS1 era Digimon games? (Digimon World 1-3, Digimon Rumble Arena)

I loved Digimon World 2 the most of all the ones I played. Never played 3, though I'd like to, and Rumble Arena was good too considering it was released near the end of the PS1's lifespan.

It was also cool that I was a huge Digimon fan at the time and watched the show on Fox Kids/Fox Family around the same time I started playing these games for the first time.

Any other memories of these early Digimon games? Digimon World 2 was my favorite overall, like I said before, but they were all fun.

Who else here likes these games? I still have a working copy of Digimon World 2 to this day.

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I'm sure some would disagree with my choice, but Digimon World 2 remains the worst game I've played to date. First game I ever traded in, too.

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