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All things considered, besides the shit optimization making a lot of these more "complicated" enemies basically unusable on maps with larger monster counts (alongside effects and other shit), it's true. Zombiemen are supposed to be disposable Goombas that mix up fight patterns and force target prioritization, but when a Shotgunner starts rolling away and then blasting the player for higher damage than in vanilla Doom the dynamic of combat gets fucked.

Imps being able to kinda-sorta combo throw fireballs (as can Hell Knights / Barons) is already more projectiles in the air, but having them leap at close-range means all those maps that use them as a sort of per-shotgun-shell buffer in closed areas means they're a nightmare that can slaughter you in seconds if you're real misfortunate or don't have the armaments to kill them fast enough. The increased deadliness of explosives also means suicide by rocket or stray death by Cyberdemon is also more likely - which is fucking awful for maps expecting lots of explosions. Barrels 'o' Fun in particular gets its 'run from explosions' segments broken into assured death by turning these sequences into mini-nukes via combined explosion power.

And don't even get me started on the Spider Mastermind's explosive chaingun cannon. But Mark takes all criticism as a personal attack, accuses people of being whiny babies and then slams more features and broken shit in. I swear he balances for his own megawad and nothing else at this point.

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>vasyan is claiming a C&D from Zenimax was taken against his stolen compilation of mods and assets
>now he's taking to /v/ for support and easy shitposting while shilling his mod
i'd laugh if i wasn't so tired of this shit

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Yeah it's been posted about here before, can't recall if the author posted here too either. Anons came across funny problems like Brutal Doom turning toilets and even players into champions due to the mod tagging all kinds of things as monsters before some compatibility fixes came out.

Overall it's not bad if the gameplay mod used isn't compatible with a monster mod.

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... or I guess you could do >>5313587, because it's not actually a monster replacer
this one occasionally has the side effects of coloring up non-monsters though, such as pic related

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I think Brutal Doom tries to assign custom hitboxes. And the whole thing is so jank that they don't play nice, with the body loving to block headshots if you're not far enough away.

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Also I should've figured PB and Mark's Extermination Day wouldn't play nicely with this. Even the barrels are randomly champions.

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