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>Anyone can crop out an image and make it look wide
This is a screenshot of the same thing before the BetterSADX mod. I didn't crop it.
>If I wanted to go blind, I'd sit 3 inches away from the computer monitor, just like you're doing to try to notice "framerate" differences.
Distance from the screen doesn't matter. The difference between 30 and 60 fps is noticeable whether you're 1 foot away from the screen or 10.
>It seems obvious to me that you never owned a Dreamcast, plus you flat out admitted to hating it. So it wouldn't make any sense for you to play or own a Dreamcast.
I actually do own a Dreamcast. That's why I know I fucking hate it. The bumps aren't enough to stop my thumb from slipping off. Your fingers must be one inch long if the triggers are in the right place.
>I'm glad I live on my own, it's satisfying to hear music, movies & video games as loud as I can handle it.
Headphones are better.

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