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Is pic related still accurate? I just beat Thief 1 (TFix Lite) for the first time last night, and naturally I'm wanting to start Thief 2. According to what I've read elsewhere, Tafferpatcher isn't recommended anymore, but I'm not sure if I want to use T2Fix unless it's going to play similarly to TFix Lite.

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No, I'd suggest TfixLite.

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Basically this: >>5946257
You get the same game, just use TFix Lite to make it work properly on your modern system.
(TFix works well too, but it changes some stuff about the level design and the game's visuals, so TFix Lite is more recommended for first playthrough, assuming you want to get the original experience).

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just install Tfix Lite and you're good to go

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Tafferpatcher or T2Fix Lite?

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Gog. But if you do Steam then take this.

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>I've seen that memed on /v/ before and they look pretty gaudy
The memes are real.
TFix is for Thief Gold, tafferpatcher is for Thief 2 (there is no Thief2fix). Both of these are pretty much just configurations of the underlying NewDark engine upgrade. TFix has a lite version that you should go with, just follow the instructions in pic related and do >>5208559 if you want tasty unfiltered textures. Tafferpatcher is a bit out of date so if you care about those unfiltered textures, you'll just have to install the latest version of newdark (1.26) instead and configure it.
>Also what is the easiest way to play fan missions after I finish the main games?
Newdark's built in fan mission loader, also described in pic related.
>I assume there's an archive for missions somewhere much like Doom/Quake mods right?

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TFix lite is preferred. Very nearly the same as what that pic describes but smaller.

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That one is pretty outdated.

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lmao it is just the GOG download and they only have Thief GOLD. There is GoldToDark, but I don't know how well it goes together with TfixLite.

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They're both worth playing but I'd say Thief is the better game by a good distance.

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