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Is it bad that I semi-know where that's from? I'm thinking yes.

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I tried converting some sounds over to OGG format, but they sound really quiet in GZDoom. Is there a reason for this, or is Audacity just shit?

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If you're just ripping graphics, it's no problem.

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have mixed feelings.

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>Manually editing positioning in a text file and then going in-game to check it, then repeating as needed? Fuck that noise. FUCK that noise.
There's a visual editor built into Slade you retard.

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That actually doesn't look bad at all, you shouldn't trash it. I might have used different textures myself, but that's only because I was never too fond of those huge gray bricks, the layout and shape looks great either way.

How's that going anyway? How many levels are done? Are sky textures replaced? Are there new music tracks?

I'm kind of excited about it, but I'm holding off until it's finished to play it.

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>I never readed the novels. How do they usually behave? Are they able to have a good understandment of their surroundings, or just act like savage animals that just wants to eat, fuck and sleep?

In the novels? They're a bit different. They're called "Fire Eaters", and the only thing they do, is get incredibly fucking hot, hot enough to set the room you're in on fire by just being in it, then they heat up, more, apparently to the point that they melt bullets before they reach it (something I don't think is quite physically possible).

The demons/collaborators knew they were hiding in a basement, opened the hatch, and kicked the arch-vile, tumbling down the stairs, as if it's some dumb creature they brought along for this exact purpose (and I guess it is).

The way they fought it was to panic, look for an exit, and then hose the thing down with a fire extinguisher, it really didn't like this and apparently incapacitated it.
They ran through the exit, through a sewer.
They shut a door behind them, as the demons were following them, and tricked the Arch-Vile into setting off a gas-leak, killing the lot of them (the monsters that is).

It's an interesting monster, but I wouldn't quite find it to be a suitable interpretation of the Arch-Vile as a concept. That's the novels to you though, interesting ideas and shit, but a lot of them aren't exactly fit for Doom or properly interpreted.

>bug in the code

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Stop doing that.

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Done by this guy, I can take no credit: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=747087#p747087

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>he can't beat me
Sure thing, Shortround.

He said the line about story in videogames being like plot in pornography, I thought you assumed that it was him speaking the lines for Icon Of Sin

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I've played it, and while it has it's things going, it's seriously flawed.

For one thing, it's got way too much fucking shit going on, way too many weapons, I mean, if you played every map from pistol start, the amount of weapons would have been appropriate, maybe.

Also, lots of lifted content, some which hardly makes any sense.

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