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I dunno why but I find it odd how it took significantly longer for there to be source ports of Build games where you can modify the FOV than source ports for id Tech games (especially considering the ones you don't need a source port to play).

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C'mon man, just play though it pistol start, no quicksaves. It's ez

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>the buckethead music doesn't work in crispy. It only works in (G)ZDoom AFAIK.
Huh, that's gay, but thank you dude. Seriously

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>Posting Coraline
>A movie from 2002
>in 2019

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Half life 1 is a far better game than 2 in many ways.

In some ways, such as the really interesting AI and approach to enemies, it's still an odd duck. MarphitusBlacktimus' videos reallymade me appreciate the design of the game.


Many of the enemies are designed more like animals than necessarily enemy NPC's, some will even sleep when you're not there, or have abilities like smell which you'd never notice.

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A mention of Tech Gone Bad/one of Romero's new maps
Comatose or at least a mention of that Lainos school of obscure/cryptic art maps

Ashes 2063
Total Chaos
Golden Souls 2
Update Adventures of Square to say Adventures of Square 1 & 2
Doom Delta for that surreal Doom Beta quality

Guncaster to replace Psychic
Bring up Final Doomer when talking about one of its related mapsets, Possibly Ancient ALiens and JCPC which are already on the chart.

>Possibly a new section for Vanilla improvement mods
Smooth Doom
Sound Caulking
Sprite Fixing mod

The idea being the stuff on the So You want to Play stuff has to be community approved and agreed upon. I'm largely just mentioning the stuff I personally really liked and think adds to a new doomer's experience of getting an idea of the mod landscape and what you can do in doom.

If you guys have any other suggestions, keep adding and discussing.

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