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-Bionic Commando, the Gameboy version is secretly the best version of the original game.
-Ninja Gaiden Shadow
-TMNT 3 The Radical Rescue
-Wario Land

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can someone tell me what the fuck this is? i feel like ive stumbled upon some AI generated gameboy list. it makes no sense, and the site looks like something from 2002 despite the article being from 2019


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So you're not willing to carry three separate devices, but you're willing to carry a bunch of different games for different consoles?
If you're on the go, and you want to play games for multiple handhelds, you should just use an android device instead of carrying around a bunch of carts.
If you're at home, then use your carts.
And you're a faggot if you're playing a handheld in public anyway.

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Because together with RTSs, this is one genre that I absolutely suck at.

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this thread has promise, and inspired me to trawl through fucking tumblr to find more. i feel gross but at least i found a few nice gifs

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