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In Thief it'd be retarded but it fits Deus Ex perfectly. The game just has this cheesy overdramatic vibe to it that'd be out of place in Thief.

>Half the skills are broken, buggy or useless
>>The tier-1 weapons are better than the tier-3 ones because skill scaling doesn't work until you get enough points to unlock the weapon
>>High tier exotic and heavy weapons are completely outclassed by the rifle with starting pistol ammo and starting grenade launcher
>>1 point in research unlocks pretty much the entire skill unless you want to do meme builds that are worse than the starting weapons
>>Most of the pscionics abilities are useless and the best build is just running around with the crystal shard and abusing the smasher bug
>>"Pick your playstyle" literally cannot beat it without hacking or pre-emptively knowing where it's required to save up icepicks
>>Repair lol
>Shoehorned in Shodan so she could be on the box
>That rushed end sequence that lasts 5 minutes long
It's an absolute mess lol. System Shock 1 did everything besides the atmosphere much much better than System Shock 2. Now that I know you're a tard who got filtered by SS1's DOS interface I know your opinion is completely useless.

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So this is what the matrix was suppose to warn us about.

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>just finished Ion Fury on hardest difficulty

It was pretty fun.
Greatest threats were those floating rocket shooter guys, the super fast melee mutants and then regular goons with grenade launchers.

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